After we have collected eagerly all questions and problems on all our camera-forums due to the switch to a new forum-software, we have written a summary for you. With this summary you have an overview of the most frequent questions/problems users had - no matter which forum of us.

You find the summary of all user-questions here:


We will update it...
Hi everybody,

we have added 2 more sections: One for the Contax 645 system (Medium Format) and one for all other Medium-Format-brands, which do not have their own section yet.

If you have interest in Contax 135 System (RTS, N, G, T System) then have a look at our contaxinfo.com forum: www.contaxinfo.com

Your Medium Format Team
Dear Medium-Format users,

finally we made it! The softwaremove is finished. There will be still minor modifications necessary for sure, but we were able to import all postings and all users into the new software. Also the layout could be adapted to our old style.

We are opening a specific thread within the suggestion section for your feedback. The major changes are already explained there:


Your Hasselbladinfo.com...
Dear Medium Format Users!

We will switch from our old forum software to a new one. Alle users and all postings will be transfered to the new software, the layout of the new Medium Format Forum will be almost identical to the old one.

Nevertheless there will be some changes you should be aware of:

1. Old passwords can not be transferred, because the new software uses a different encryption system. We will instruct AFTER the switch how to get a new password.

2. All registration...
Dear Medium Format users,

we are facing currently a problem with the e-mail notifications. Since yesterday (Friday) around 11.30 am, no single e-mail gets out of the forum.

We are working on this and hope to get it working until Monday. We will announce any progress here.

Sorry for this inconvenience

Your Medium Format Team

Dear Medium Format users,

we will do some testing over the next couple of days in order to verify the import-script we want to use to switch the forum-software here to another one.

Therefore this forum will be from time to time temporarely in maintenance modus.

We will announce here in advance when we will make the final switch

Your Hasselbladinfo.com team
Dear Medium Format users,

we have a new moderator at Hasselbladinfo.com. From now on Paul (Polypal) will help us here to manage our community.

Ruben has not the time anymore to follow this forum closely, so he stepped down from the moderator position to normal user.

Your Hasselbladinfo.com Team

Dear Medium Format users,

we have successfully finished the servermove. Since we also moved the domainname www.hasselbladinfo.com to a new provider, this took unfortunately more time than expected.

Because of the domainname transfer, it is possible that some of you will still be guided to the old server with the url, which alerts still the servermove.

In this case you have to try it over the day again and again until all nameservers on the...
It is time again to move. We will try to make that switch as convenient as possible for you...

But this time it will take longer than last summer, because we will transfer also all forums and all URLs to a new webhoster. This means over 30 forums, 5 photo galleries, Reviews, etc. in 5 different languages.

Because of the URL transfer it is likely that the domainnames are from time to time not available or are showing to the old server instead of to the new one. So please make sure, that...

We just wanted to inform you, that we went online today with a new community forum for Sigma users. You can discus there all Sigma DSLRS, incl. the brand new Sigma SD14 and the P&S Sigma DP-1 with Foveon sensor and Sigma lenses.

The URL is: www.SigmaUserForum.com

We have also updated the User Review section for Sigma products. You will find there now high resolution images and technical data of 4 Sigma cameras and 29 Sigma lenses....
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