Dear Medium Format users,

we proudly present the longtime expected new section for ads in our photo portal. You might have seen the link in the navigation bar already for some months. Now we had finally the time to install it for you.

Classifieds is online now!

With this we wanted to offer you one central spot to post your private ads, no matter which brand name. We hope to give your ads there more attention then only in the brand-focused forums.

We will therefore close the buy &...
Dear Medium Format users,

we are running this forum now already a couple of years for you, actually since March 2003. We are proud that this forum became so often visited by you and that you helped each other in finding the best equipment or photo advise here. It is surely one of the most attractive MF Forum on the net.

But as you might imagine, to run a site like this forum and the whole photo portal incl. the photo gallery etc. costs us real money.

We do not want...
Dear Medium Format users,

we have implemented in the Hasselbladinfo Forum now a quote feature. The unique handling and the possibility to quote multiple times within one posting at the same time is a big plus in convenience for you.

Just highlight the text you want to quote and click on the icon at the top right hand of that posting (next to "edit"). The highlighted text will be copied automatically into your textbox. For multiple quotes simply repeat this procedure. This is very...
Dear Medium Format users,

we installed today the newest version of our photo gallery and could add with this many new features for you.

- Photo uploads now have options to disable ratings/comments on the photo by the member

- AJAX technology to control scrolling of the calendar pal (click on the arrows)

- AJAX technology to allow reshufflling of the \\"random features\\" pal

- AJAX technology to display EXIF Information on a photo

- AJAX technology to allow scrolling of...

we will move tomorrow to a faster server (8.7.2006). The increased traffic in the forums and gallery asking for more power...

We will move this Saturday in the morning. Between 2am and 10am German time. During this time Camera-info, the forums and the gallery are either not accessable at all or partially not accessable.

Thank you for your understanding.
happy.gif now with Live-Chat!

As you know, we do not stop improving our services for you So here are the other news: We offer from now on also a Live-Chat in our Photo Portal.

We want to give you the possibility to chat in real time with others. Whether this is photo-related or not does not matter, as long as you have fun

You can find the...
Camera-info Review section relaunched & shared user registration for Photo Gallery, Reviews and Classifieds


Some of you might have noticed it. The Review section was down for a couple of days because of a restructuring. It is back online now with new categories and new features:

Please participate in this reader review section to help others. When it comes to selecting new...
E-Mail Notifications turned off until tomorrow


Because of too many e-mails (obviously for christmas greetings) our webhoster's e-mail system is overloaded and is sending only e-mails out with a strong delay.

So e-mail notifications will start working again probably earliest tomorrow.

They told us that no e-mails get lost. The forum itself and the photo gallery are working properly.

Sorry for this inconvenience...

Your team
Merger of our photo galleries

Dear Hasselblad users,

on request of many users we have merged all our photo galleries into one big photo gallery.

Because of this merger, we will no longer have the separation into different camera brands in this new photo gallery. The community forums stay untouched of the merger. They still are separated by camera-brand, except for Medium Format, where we are planning to include more brands in one forum.

We have transfered all users with their...
Changes in forum menu, signatures and forum mails etc.

Dear members,

since we got many request, we made the following changes

1. Navigationbar within the forum

We added in the navigation bar at the top the point "last day" (= postings of the last 24 hours)

2. No signatures anymore

Since our forum is at the same time also a mailing list, the increasing usage of signatures in forum postings makes it harder to read by mail and in the forum. Many users start therefore not...
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