Dear Hasselblad users,

we updated our photo gallery and added some nice new features to it.

We made also some changes in display size of the medium format images. We increased now the minimum to 400 pixel and decreased the maximum to 600 pixel (down from 800 pixel) on the longest side. We try to kill with this some attempts to upload images, that are too small to...
Dear members,

we just want to remind you, that you can send e-cards like merry christmas and new year cards to friends with photos of our gallery. Add a nice text to it. This is a fast way of keeping in touch with others.

Just choose an image and click below that image on "Send as e-Card".

Have fun with this feature & merry christmas to all of you!
Dear Hasselbladinfo members,

we are happy to see, that our camera-community is so much in demand. We grew strongly over the last 12 months. Many of you got answers in the forum to their questions. Many of you have saved a lot of money by avoiding the wrong purchase after getting the advise of other members in this camera-community. And last but not least, many of you found other photo-enthusiasts with similar interests, which sometimes even led to friendship.

Because of the success of...
Dear Hassy users,

we are starting with our first photo competition in our photo gallery. The theme of this competition is "christmas time".

What means christmas time for you specifically? What is in your opnion so typical for the christmas time - either positive or negative?

You can upload images from now on until 15.1.2005. A maximum of 3 images for each user is allowed. After this deadline, the timeframe starts for the votings. Therefore users can vote only from 16.1.2005 until...
Dear Hassy Users,

since our concept of camera-community forums is very successful and in demand, we are going to expand our forums into new countries and languages. We are proud to inform you that we are offering beside our German and English community forums now also community forums in French, Italian and Spanish. So from today on, we do offer community forums in 5 different languages. This is REALLY international now ...
Dear Hassy Users,

we introduced a new feature in our photo gallery. From now on, if you upload new images of Hasselbald digital cameras/ backs, you will be able to see the EXIF information below each photo. So details about f-stop, shutterspeed etc. are automatically displayed.

For the analogue camera users among us: Exif information is a kind of standard information set with all newer digital cameras. These information are recorded with each photo you take and...
Dear members,

we have created a new section in our community portal for user reviews. This new section is independant from a brandname. It covers all kind of brands for cameras, lenses, scanners, printers etc. Just click in the navigation bar on "Reviews". Or use this link:

The purpose of this new section is to focus on users, who have not yet decided for a...
Dear Hassy users,

we will change today the appearance of the homepage (index page) of Although this is more a cosmetic change, we like to inform you about it.

The static page with the column of different camera images will be replaced by our general news section of Camera-info, which you know already from the news link in the navigation menu.

No other changes will be made to the structure of the Hasselblad community site.

This change was necessary to reduce...
Dear members,

we put a lot of effort in making it possible to reactivate it without the need of changing your e-mail notification settings. And we succeeded. We reinstalled now the "reply by e-mail" function.

Reply by e-mail is another possibility to participate actively in the forum. All other possibilities are of course still available.

Basically you can use the forum now also as a mailing list. No other photo site is offering this!

You can not only read all postings as full...
Dear users,

we installed a new photo gallery software for you with a lot more features and convenience. We hope that more users will participate in the gallery because of this.

Unfortunatley we could not import usernames and passwords into this new gallery. As a consequence old members of the gallery have to register in the gallery again. We uploaded under the name of "admin" all old user's photos. As soon as you upload again your photos, we will delete those admin...
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