Dear members,

we are proud to announce that we have now over 1.000 Hassy members in our Community. We thank you all for your support and the help you provide each other. It is a great pleasure to see this forum growing so fast in a niche market like Medium Format within a year.

Your Hasselbladinfo Team
Dear Hasselbladinfo members,

we are proud to announce that we can celebrate our first anniversary with almost 1.000 members. We want to thank you all for your efforts to help each other and make this place the most exciting Hassy forum.

Thank you all

Your Hasselbladinfo Team

since a couple of days we experienced significant delays in sending e-mail-notifications of forum postings.

According to our webhoster this should be solved within the next 24 hours. In the meantime please expect significant delays of e-mail notifications after you posted your message in the forum.

We are sorry for this inconvenience.

we have created a new section within the second hand/ buy & sell section in this forum for stolen equipment.

Please post there the serial number etc. of the equipment that was stolen. That makes it more difficult for the thief to sell.
We have introduced a new „preview“- function when you post a new message. If you type your message in the forum and click on “Preview/post message”, you will see a preview of your posting. With this, you have the possibility to change still your posting i.e. for typos, structure etc. before others can read it in the forum or get it by e-mail notification.

Only after you press the button “Post this Message” directly below the preview of the message, your posting will be published in the...
Dear Users,

we will turn off temporarily the functionality to post answer by e-mail without going to the forum itself. Basically this is not a big change for you.

You can still receive all postings by e-mail as before, as long as you did not turn off this option in your forum-profile. You can still click on the link in the forums-e-mail to get to the posting within the forum directly. And you can of course still read everything online in the forum itself. This all stays untouched.
Some christmas presents for you

we will add some new features to our forum over the next 3 days.

- The entry page will have a new layout,
- The news section will go online,
- We introduce a more comfortable newsletter
- ...

With the redesigend newsletter, we will send out also a message about the changes over the next days.

Enjoy it!
We just want to inform you, that you have now also the option to display all e-mail notifications in html-format instead of text-only e-mails.

For further information about this option, which you can choose in your forum-profile read the FAQ:

we changed slightly the system how to post in the forum. Theses changes are affecting only the camera-specific threads, the other ones have already been like this before.

You can now open your own subtopics within a camera specific thread. We hope that this makes it easier to follow online the discussions. We have already over 350 members and we expect a strong growth in the coming months, so this seems to handle better the amount of daily postings also in the future.

Dear members!

Zeiss designed a new 40mm lens for the Hasselblad V-System, the Distagon 4/40 IF CFE. It seems to be siginificant better then the old one. We opened a new thread for this lens and put more details there.

Your Team
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