Leica has resurrected the CL - this time in digital form, along with a positively tiny 18mm f/2.8 lens for it.

The CL has an APS-C format sensor, so the 18mm Elmarit-TL ASPH lens is equal in field of view to 27mm on a full frame camera.

Here is a link to Leica's CL web page: http://us.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-APS-C/Leica-CL

Here are a few specs for the CL:
  • 24 MP CMOS sensor and Maestro II image processor
  • Electronic viewfinder (2,36 MP) with 0,74x...
Panasonic announced today its new "flagship" model Panasonic Lumix G9. It looks similar to the Panasonic Lumix GH5, but is targeting the more photo-oriented people while the GH5 is more for the video-oriented users.

Both have many things in common, but also some very important features in which they differ. More on that later on.

Looking at the features and the first reviews, it looks like the Lumix G9 could become a serious Nikon D500 competitor or even a Nikon D500 "killer" Something nobody would have expected before....
Ricoh (Pentax) just publishes and updated roadmap for all lenses. Both for APS-C and fullframe.

Those roadmaps are always good to realize that Pentax has a large range of lenses already available and is working on even more lenses for the Pentax system...
At the Photo Plus Expo in New York, Ricoh announced several new lenses for the Pentax K mount. Both for fullframe and for APS-C sized sensors. Final names, specs and pricing will not be released until 2018.

Although we do not have yet all the details, these are very good news. It shows that there is still committment for the Pentax K-mount and for both sensor sizes.

Now I only wish for a new Ricoh GR MkIII in 2018 with better high ISO etc. :)
Olympus announced at the Photo Expo the other two Pro lenses from its F1.2 FFL range. The 17/1.2 and the 45/1.2 fixed focal length. Not very light and with a steap price tag, this is nothing you want to attach on a small MFT body or buy it without beeing sure you need it ;)
Sony just announced the Sony A7R MKIII. Again with many superlatives like more MP, higher fps, improved handling, better AF etc. Obviously it is targeted at the Nikon D850.

Even though the specs sounds good, I am not really excited about it. Pricepoint is again very high and I would be more interested in a A7s MKx with a significant lower pricetag....
Adobe announced that the successor of Lightroom 6 will be only available as a cloud version and only if you rent it via a monthly subscription. No standalone version anymore.

Adobe also changed the name scheme. From Lightroom 7 to Lightroom CC, which is basically a less feature loaden Lightroom 6 version and another version called Lightroom Classic CC, which has the same features as Lightroom 6 plus some new ones and comes always in a package with Photoshop, whether you need/want it or not does not matter....

very often there are discussions on the net about the different sensor sizes and how much bigger is sensor x vs. sensor y. I remember an article/video from Zack Arias about sensor sizes and what in his opinion is really big. I liked this kind of perspective. If I find that video again, I will link it here.

So I got the idea to make a graphic sensor size comparison. I find it always easier to look at it this way, if you do not have the possibility to compare final prints next to each...
Google presented yesterday its new smartphone. The Google Pixel 2 has some improvements over the "old" Pixel. The feature that I find the most interesting is the "portrait mode".

The Pixel 2 has only one lens. But it seems that Google achieved an impressive software implementation to blurr the background realistically.

If Google achives this better than any other smartphone brand with only one lens, it shows us what can be achieved in the future of photography with real camera systems. That would "eat" one of the advantages (shallower DOF) of bigger sensor systems vs. smaller sensor systems.
Dear members,

sometimes in discussions in the forum, it is helpful to know which camera you are using, which lenses and what your favourite shooting situations are.

If you put all this information in your forum profile, it is a lot easier for others to advise you for specific questions you have. Of course it is also interesting to know with what each from us is shooting currently :)

Instructions are visible if you click on this message.
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