So the successor of the OM E-M10 MkII is finally announced. At no surprise, it is called MKIII.

There are some minor improvements but on the whole it rather seems disappointing. For 649.- USD, I would have expected more.

From the outside you will have a hard time to see the differences.
I added recently the Panasonic Lumix GX80 (GX85 in the US) to my photo arsenal. As always, you have to get used to each camera, before ypi can maximize the potential of it.

The problem with mirrorless cameras is nowadays the overwhelming options you have in the menu settings. Fortunately Panasonic is a lot better in structuring the options than Olympus. I would say Panasonic is very close to the way how Nikon is offering its menu settings. You find quite fast the option you are looking for....
Nikon announced today the successor of the D810, the D850. As expected, everything improved. The D850 has now 46 MP, the AF module of the Nikon D5, 4K Video, a tiltable touchscreen and much more. On paper this sounds all good.

Even the price stayed at least in the US the same. In the US, the D850 will cost 3.300 USD, same as the D810 when it was introduced. In Germany though, Nikon increased the price from 3.300.- Euro of the D810 at introduction up to 3.800.- Euro, which leaded to a heated...
Dear members,

we try always to improve for you and make it even more interesting for you. To be able to do that, we need to know more about your interests in photography and the gear you prefer in different situations.

We are planning to review some smartphones for you. Smartphones that are able to serve you as a "always with you camera" for those situations in which you do not want to schlepp your normal photo gear around.

To make a smartphone-review meaningful for you,...
Dear members,

we switched today to a secure communication URL. You can see this in your browser. The URL starts now with https:/ instead of the normal http:/

HTTPS stands for „HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure“. It means that the data to communicate with us is encoded and bugproof. The idea behind this is to improve the internet and make it more secure.

Secure for us, because hackers will have it now a lot harder to...

Pentax announced today the new model Pentax KP. This is an APS-C sized sensor DSLR, which is astonishing small, has a tilting screen, 24MP, no-AA filter, High ISO of 820.000, electronic shutter of 1/24.000s and an exchangeable grip on the body.

I find this really interesting. Pentax is well known to offer small sized DSLRs and Pentax is therefore almost the only brand, who can compete on size with all its models against mirrorless options like Fuji et alii.

The most important specs...
Competition is good for the customer. We were excited to see that also Panasonic is updating its top-model of its G-line. The successor of the GH4 is called GH5 and has some nice surprises.

20-MP-sensor without AA filter, 5-Axis-stabilization, 4K 60P videos and 6K photos in a waterproof body. Weights only around 730g.

And as we all know, Panasonic is really good with AF. Maybe one of the best in the mirrorless market.

This combined with the huge lens choice of microfourthirds (MFT) lenses...
Announcement Merry Christmas!
Dear members,

we wish you all a Merry Christmas, wherever you are! We hope that you enjoy the time with your family and restful holidays!

Your Team
Sony upgarded also the RX100 line. The new model is called RX100 Mk V. This is the fifth generation of the RX100 in around 4 years. Also with this model, everything is better, faster and.... more expensive.

The price tag is 1.200.- Euro (1.000.- USD). We are heading now in the price region of fullframe DSLRs with a 1 inch sensor and no possibility to go beyond 70mm or to exchange lenses.

So you better think about it, whether this is really what you want to have. It might make more sense...
Sony just announved their third camera in the new E-Series. Beside the A6000 and A6300, there will now also come a model called A6500 in December. It shall be better in AF, fps and antishake.

But the price is something to swallow. 1.700.- Euro for the body only (1.400 USD)....

If Sony and others are increasing more and more the prices with the newer models, soon Medium Format looks cheap compared to that...

Here is the official press release:...
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