Since Hasselblad changed its strategy and product focus ("back to the roots"), this Photokina, the Hasselbald booth was very interesting. It showed of course the new X1D 50c and H6, but also older models to show where they are coming from. IMHO they want to give a signal to old Hasselblad users, that they are back in town and commited to deliver products their users wants to have.

The fact that the X1D was already sold out until end of 2016, only 48 hours after the announcement in July...
Well, I did not make many snapshots at Photokina. This time stuff I am personally more insterested in or users asked me for.

With Canon the main interest and a few PMs from users asked me about the Canon EOS M5. I was impressed by the size of this cam with an APS-C sennsor. It feels really good in my hands and the buidl quality is very good.

One snapshot side by side is with my Nikon J5 to compare the size of 1 inch sensor body vs. APS-C sensor body. Of course the main difference in size...
Nikon 1 system seems not to be dead...

There is a lot of buzz on the internet about the Nikon 1 system. Some users fear, that because of the announcement of the 3 Nikon DL P&S, Nikon would drop their ILC system, which uses also 1 inch sensors.

Well at the Nikon Photokina booth the Nikon 1 system got still enough attention IMHO. They showed the system (mainly several J5 models) and the available lenses. I could test the lenses and shoot with it (wow, this Nikkor 32/1.2 is really great!)....
I attended the press conference of Fujifilm on Monday at the Photokina. Everybody was excited because rumors told us already months ago that there is something in the pipeline of Fuji regarding Medium Format.

I personally am a big fan of the Fuji X-system with its APS-C sized sensor. I do think that this is a great system, both in terms of performance and regarding its design. The Fuji X-system is looking just "sexy" for me. X-T1/2, X-Pro1/2, X-E1/2, X-100/s/T and so on. All are well...
Live from.the press conference at the Photokina: Sony A99 MkII. 42 MP fullframe, 12 fps, 4K video, 5 axis stabilisation, ISO up to 102000....

3200 USD/3600 Euro
Tests/ first impressions Photokina 2016 Live Thread

this is the Live thread for the Photokina 2016. We will report today (Monday) and tuesday live here from the Photokina. If you have any questions, feel free to post here in this thread...

Best wishes
Announcement Photokina 2016 Live!
Dear members,

we will report today and tomorrow live from the Photokina in Germany. This is the biggest and most important photoshow in the industry and it happens only every 2 years in Cologne in Germany.

If you have specific interests like i.e. Hasselblad or other brands or accessories, then please post in the forum and we will try to check it out for you - if the time is allowing it.

Best wishes
I was invited to the X1D Event in Hamburg by Hasselblad. They showed pre-production models which we could use and test. We also were allowed to shoot images, but because it was a pre-production model, I do not want to post them on the internet.

All I can say is that the IQ is really very good already with that pre-production model. But let's do it in the right order.

First there was the presentation about the thinking behind this camera. Hasselbald has a new CEO and with him a new...
Fujifilm announced the successor of the X-T1. It is calles X-T2 and has similar specifications as the X-Pro 2. 24MP APS-C X-Trans sensor, improved AF, better EVF etc.

For discussions check our Fuji Forum here.
Dear members,

we are installing today a few addons. To be able to get them to work we will have to change slightly the subdomainname for the forum.

The main domain name stays untouched. Only the subdomain name, which covers our Hasselblad Forum...
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