M6, Tri-X
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  1. dirk
    A difficult exposure, well captured. :tounge:
  2. dsaxe
    Child in background framed nicely by the girl in the foreground and her firework. Difficult lighting perfectly mastered. I wonder what it would have been like if we could see part of the gils face, or more of the arc formed by her arms and the sparkler. Well done
  3. bnfotografie
    It is a great photo. I agree with John that it would be nice to see the full arc formed by the girl's arms and the cascade of sparkler.
  4. sid
    Agree with the arc. I also would like to totally eliminate the bodiless sparkler behind the girl. Hey at least my suggestion can still be achieved.
  5. Unregistered
    Hmmm, through the magic of PhotoShop that disembodied figure could be cloned out. I'll give it a try. Thanks to all for taking the time to comment.

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