M4-P 35 'lux  Sensia 200.  The more I look at this the more certain I am that it's...
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M4-P 35 'lux Sensia 200. The more I look at this the more certain I am that it's soft because of an unsteady hand (1/15th), but I know I can hold slow speeds pretty well. Others say it's OK. But I like the atmosphere.
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  2. dodger
    I'm with you on that. But the strange thing is that what I really like about this building IS its colour. The frontage is built from a particular kind of industrial brick that was common in the north of England in the late C19th. It just glows a lovely soft orange. And it looks like nothing at all on film. B+W was the way to go.
  3. Unregistered
    Hi Dodger

    good picture, interesting the oblique crossing of the roofs.
    The serious mistake in that is technical: the building in the bottom is defocused.

    Too low the deep of field, resulting a lack of sharpness.


  4. dodger
    Like I said, Rene, I think it's soft as well; but if it had been razor sharp from to back it wouldn't be the same picture. The atmosphere would be lost. When I was taking these pictures it was heading for late afternoon, had clouded over and was spitting with rain. The mood was great, and I considered going back for a tripod, but decided against it. I have another version of this which I have softened even more in PS AND knocked the contrast down as well to give it the look of an un-coated len
  5. Unregistered
    Im not to happy with the person on picture right behind a pole (or what it is) had he only been on the right side of the sign (or what it is) in the front of the picture i think the hole ting would have worked better - otherwise I like the moody atmosphere in the picture
  6. Swann
    I love this picture since I saw it the first time. The atmosphere is simply outstanding.

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