what you are looking at is a major squirrel route through the park by my house.  between the...
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garth liebhaber
what you are looking at is a major squirrel route through the park by my house. between the trees they jump regularly...

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  2. Unregistered
    you know, they jump between those trees all the time. maybe i'll go out with my lovely little 90 and redo it,,
  3. Swann
    I like this one very much, to me it is like a childrens look up in the sky to the sensations that happen there. To this view fit the building fragments very well just like the grain and the slight blur.
    Good photograph
  4. Dorian
    By the way Garth, it's really good to meet someone new on this gallery (maybe you were here before before I came in). I hope you're here to stay.
  5. Unregistered
    i enjoy this site a lot. for leica owners i think we've done a good job of leaving our egos at the door and share a healthy comraderie for that!

    picture-wise i come and go. oh! i did reshoot the jumping squirrels with my new-to-me 90mm. i'll have to post it soon.

  6. yooloo
    very good one, garth! i don't mind the "size" of the squirrel in the picture, and would agree with swann on the child's perspective... looking forward to see more of these guys!

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