R8,R24mm f2.8,30sec,f16,Kodak supera 100 and San Francisco
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R8,R24mm f2.8,30sec,f16,Kodak supera 100 and San Francisco
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  2. bnfotografie
    Beautiful shot of the most photographed bridge in the world. I'd kind of like to see it printed darker so the lights on the bridge would have a bit more impact.

    Would you object if I did a Photoshop alteration of your photo to show you what I mean? I won't do it without your permission.
  3. laurencetam
    hi, thank for your comment. but i prefer the original photo came from neg.(leica fans and taste).
  4. bnfotografie
    Do you scan from a print, or from negative? Just curious.
  5. laurencetam
    It scan from negative
  6. ying
    It's very beatuiful.

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