R8,R180APO f2.0, kodak supera 100 and San Francisco
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R8,R180APO f2.0, kodak supera 100 and San Francisco
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  2. leicaman
    Hi, I have one question for you. how do you like your R8. I'm in the market for a slr. Ive' gotten rid of my nikon slr gear for my present 2 M6 bodies and 3 lenses.
    Now I want to return to do some birdding and macro work. Your point of view would be greatly appreciated.
  3. laurencetam
    Hi, me too I've gotten Nikon stuffs (F2A) of few years ago. For myself I loved R8 very much. First time I saw it feels bulkily and look heavy to compare with my M6 double size. But I really don't like M6 shooting Macro and Portrait. It is very hard to focus (100%). Therefore I bought R8. After I bought had very surprise, look in the viewfinder and handle the body is feel good, otherwise hook up the motor drive is excellent .
    For the macro photo it is a good, but is not (100% viewfinder) must b
  4. bnfotografie
    laurencetam--should you happen to read this, I've got to say I was stunned to read that you don't like the M6 for portrait work. In my opinion, it's the best camera in the world for that. I do most of my portrait work with the M6 and 90mm.
  5. fby
  6. Unregistered

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