M6+35/F2 ASPH. at 5.6 1/30
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M6+35/F2 ASPH. at 5.6 1/30
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  1. bnfotografie
    Your wife is beautiful. You're a lucky man. I like the movement in the photo, which it looks like you accomplished deliberately with a relatively slow shutter speed. I would like to see higher contrast, however. The picture seems flat. I also think you could crop away the gray stone in the upper left part of the photo. With the lightness in that area, the eye tends to pull toward it, taking attention away from your subject.
  2. Unregistered
    Are you kidding me? NOTHING could pull your eye away from such a beautiful woman.
    There could be a thug aiming a gun at you and you would still look at her first.

    I agree that the scan exposure could be improved, but not more contrast...some of the whites are already getting blown out.
    Just adjust the curves to fill the whites with minimum tone and then deepen the blacks...which will give the impression of more contrast without using the contrast controls.
  3. sammy
    this has it all. beauty, interest, the desire to know the subject, the motion of the slow shutter. can not be improve. do not try to duplicate. the picture of a career.

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