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  1. bnfotografie
    Nice job with a tricky lighting situation. There's just the right amount of detail in the woman's face. One thing you might consider is cropping some of the black space at the bottom of the image. It seems a bit unbalanced with so much there.

    Some technical data would be nice--like camera, lens, film.
  2. eric
    Thanks! It was taken in Jan. this year and I'm sorry that I forget the settings. I can only tell it's from M6 and 50/2 'cron (the only lens I got) and HP5+ (EI400). The photo is not so sharp because I was still shaking from outside chilly wind. sorry it's not woman, but a man with his son. :)
  3. bnfotografie
    And by the looks of it, inside probably wasn't much warmer. Henry Cartier-Bresson did most of his work with a 50mm, so you're not at a disadvantage to have just that lens.

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