Leica IIIf 50mm f2 Summitar. Fujichrome 100. Tripod.<br />
Early 1980s, first stages in...
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Leica IIIf 50mm f2 Summitar. Fujichrome 100. Tripod.
Early 1980s, first stages in restoration of HMS Warrior (1860) Royal Navy's first ironclad warship.
  1. bnfotografie
    Very nice industrial image. The shafts of light are great.
  2. dsaxe
    Lighting gives great atmosphere - Lovely to think that there are people using IIIfs still - and sticking them on tripods!
  3. dsaxe
    - rest of message. A friend of mine is using his restored IIIf for most of his photography using HP5 rated at 200 and not using an exposure meter.

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