'flex, 50mm, FK Technical @ 100ASA
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'flex, 50mm, FK Technical @ 100ASA
  1. Stijn De Blieck
    Stijn De Blieck
    Beautiful, almost physical rendering of water, rock and grass texture. One of those photos you can "feel".
  2. Swann
    Well done with the water and the light.
  3. yooloo
    stijn, swann,
    the credit goes to film i had used for the occasion. technical orthochromatic negative, 16ASA. nominal, pushed four stops. even after all that (mal)treatment the grain is still unvisible.
    helped a lot in getting contrast and sharpness in water texture.
    oh, forgot to mention green filter!
    thanks for looking
  4. Swann
    green filter on an ortho film! Guess I must go out and buy me some if it makes pictures like this. :)

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