III F, 35mm f2 Russian, Max400, handheld
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III F, 35mm f2 Russian, Max400, handheld
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  2. Swann
    I would love to see that in real. I have never seen mist raising from warmer water to cold air. Seems around here are all waters of the same temperature as the air. Or - I don't manage to get up early enough?
  3. johne
    @Swann: It is not uncommon here. So much water retains temperature while the air can vary quite a bit.
  4. Swann
    Probably this is the difference. Here are no waters around with more than some gallons of content.
  5. zekkar
    Hi professor ! (smile)
    III f and russion lens are not a Sum M7 !
    I like this old leica pics,and scan is scan not a print, but the coma diffect is nice!
  6. johne
    @zekkar: Thanks for the comment. I use my Leica strictly for fun and Nikons for serious work; however, I did get several with the IIIF and Summitar good enough for the book now at the printers.

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