kodak tmax 400, red filter<br />
Normandy near Dieppe
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yvan m3
kodak tmax 400, red filter
Normandy near Dieppe
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  2. yvan m3
    yvan m3
    @Swann : 28 mm lens
  3. Swann
    @yvan m3
    a 28 on an M3 a separate viewer I guess?
  4. Unregistered
  5. yooloo
    like this one, but it looks a bit too gray... i've seen in one of the previous posts that you're scanning prints, right? i bet it looks much better on paper, but it woul be great if you'd find a way to get more out of your scanns.
    full frame? "old school"?
    welcome to the forum, best,
  6. yvan m3
    yvan m3
    Hello Zoran,thanks for the welcome!
    yes i scan prints, my prints are generaly a bit dark, and this time the scanner is not guilty. i have made too much "dramatic effect" on print!!! For the frame it's done with the enlarger but it's not really full frame ( non homothetic 24x36)

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