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  1. stefan shanghai
    stefan shanghai
    Hello reagan,
    i really like your street shots. It's great documentary stuff!
    cheers, stefan
  2. Dorian
    I like the distance to the subjects and the angle. Grey shades are also very nice. I do wonder why those two boys are standing there, facing the door. Was there a third person inside to whom they were talking?
  3. reagan
    does the other photograph answer the question. Just think this is better than the other one. Perhaps the title should elude to the TV. Perhaps 'Children Watching TV outside a shop' does it work??? Not sure
  4. stefan shanghai
    stefan shanghai
    I like this one better, too. No need to play with the title. We don't see the TV, so it is not there!
    cheers, stefan
  5. jimmi

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