Leica M7, 28 Summicron, TMax 400
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Leica M7, 28 Summicron, TMax 400
  1. mholdef
    Just curious, but have you also used the latest Elmarit 28mm?

    How does it compare with the Summicron? Any noticeable difference in contrast / sharpness...?

    I'm asking because while it is very easy to find a used Elmarit in good shape, the Summicron is just too new.

    Trying to keep my budget down but don't want to make a huge sacrifice in quality (For example I own the 90mm Elmarit which I personally believe is outstanding in terms of its image quality).

    Thanks for any feedback,

  2. sim00
    Hi Mark,

    I had a third gen 28 Elmarit briefly before the Summicron. I think both lenses are excellent in terms of image quality. I got the Summicron for its extra stop. You will not be disappointed with either lenses.

  3. mholdef
    Thanks Simon for the feedback.

    I just realised that you are from Hong Kong.

    Was there for a week last year in October for business. I went on the trip with no special idea to buy a Leica, but then fell for the M7 (Basically because body is so much cheaper vs. what it costs in France = 3250 euros !!!).

    A changed man now as I sold all my Nikon gear and fully appreciate the Leica.

  4. Unregistered

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