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Galilee Israel
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Galilee Israel
In the album People Photography
  1. Swann
    Good family photo, foreground and background separated by sharpness would even be better. Maybe you'd lower the cam a bit and take them more against the sky? I like the asymmetric composition well done!
  2. kasm
    Thaxn Swann for the lighting up remarks.

  3. reinierv
    I like the composition of this shot, it has a very alien atmosphere. The girls face is a bit dark to my liking.
  4. Unregistered
    Good environmental portrait.

    The face is not to dark on my recently calibrated Lacie Blue monitor.

    Lowering the camera would have distorted the main subject and ruined the shot. It is fine as is IMO.
    (a tiny bit of cropping off the top wouldn't hurt).

    Well done.
  5. Unregistered

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