Leica M2 + Summicron 35
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Leica M2 + Summicron 35
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  2. Ericmomo
    Swann, thank you for your nice words. I think part of the chemistry this photo has is the eye contact between me and the cat. I especially kept a human eye height when I took this shot.
  3. cuprudo
    i like the cat, the ideea and the eye to eye contact, BUT this photo looks like it was shot by a security camera
    the toilet is to bright and it isn't at all photogenic:)
    i suggest a SMART crop!
  4. Ericmomo
    Okay. Yeah, I thought I could get away with this one. The only reluctant excuse I can come up with is that the toilet can make it feel homey.
    I agree the toilet is not photogenic but I don't quite agree the shot was like taken by a security camera, 'coz cats never look at them. :)
  5. cuprudo
  6. triple

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