'flex, 50mm, Kodak HS Ir
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'flex, 50mm, Kodak HS Ir
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  2. yooloo
    swan, for a very simple reason: it's a statue.
    they're all - no matter how small or big, light or heavy, airy, hollow, monolithic, moumental or microscopic, even suspended - they're all "grounded". sad thing.
    i decided to leave it as it is. your comment is a huge compliment, and questions like this one make me think more about what i do, and how do i do it.
    if i haven't mentioned it before, all these photos are uncropped, edited to the minimum (contrast, levels, bit of toning...).
  3. mbru65
    One of the best pics yet on the forum! I'll throw in a 5. Fantastic photo!
  4. fpantilimon
    it's a 4.9, ladies and gentelmen!
    great photo!!!!!
  5. Swann
    seems you are right with your opinion about IR shots. It is a sure bet.

    About the base, I really do agree with your answer but wouldn'it look better and more consequent then to show more of the base but this tiny strip?
  6. yooloo
    swanm i told you! any shift from "normal" makes things more interesting. it starts with the film choice, goes on to filters, continues through development, enlargement / scanning... there are so many things one can do to bring the change.
    with IR it's dead easy - click, and the rest is done by nature.
    as for the base - valid point, fully agree with you! i wish i could include more of it, but what you see is the edge of the scann. on the negative one can see good mm or so more, but as i'm still

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