A funny pic.
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A funny pic.
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  2. Unregistered
    I really like the idea of this picture, and given the situation, though not perfect, I like the execution too. Obviously you cannot get an f22, perfect color balance given the situation, but that's just me, slight-blur and odd skin colors really torks me. But I am not ripping on you, I really like the photo!
  3. valevinci
    I like the picture, the colours, the composition and the fact that it has curious details. Only thing is....what is the girl trying to photograph? That is the only reason why I scored only 4. The attention is drawn outside the picture and a perfect picture should be a complete world in itself.
  4. william
    Agree with your point.
    The girl, i think she was enjoying what she had just captured in her camera.
  5. cybwanderer
  6. cybwanderer
    very Modern Pic. interesting colours ans desing. congratulation.

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