Ilford XP2<br />
M3<br />
Col. Elmar 90mm<br />
250, f;5.6
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Ilford XP2
Col. Elmar 90mm
250, f;5.6
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  2. william
    very good. Let me recall a photo from HCB.
  3. valevinci
  4. Unregistered
    Not only recall a photo from HCB, but a million others who have taken this photo.

    Well executed, but cliched to the point of numbness.
  5. cuprudo
    we can't all be perfect
    so what if it is not a new image
    it is still a great image
    well done!
    great image! atmospheric!
    not original?! so what!
  6. ubermensch
    @Swann: see....I knew it was! French poetry...hmmph ;^)

    The strong contrast works very well here! I like this shot very much...your eye flollows everything nicely in a scene that could be easily SEARCHING...

    ..which is why partially I suppose the strong contrast was a good idea as well!

    Thank you for posting it. Again, I really like this shot..very serene..going to download this one to view again later...


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