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  1. mholdef
    I do like this picture - notably the top part of picture and symmetry of the shot.

    For some reason I think the bench and bottom half of the picture throw this symmetry a bit off. Certainly doesn't kill the picture and the more I look at it I appreciate it...

    Only spontaneously I jumped on the other two pictures.

    Can't explain that!


  2. cybwanderer
    thank you mark
  3. Swann
    I get the idea and there is much potential in it. If you do architecture you have to be very careful. Here symmetry is an idea but not executed. The horizont line is slightly tilted, the verticals are not parallel and the image is not exactly centered. Maybe you should use a spirit level and a tripod.
    Light and shadows are nice. Tonality and sharpness could be better (maybe the scan).

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