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  1. Swann
    Hi Amalia, nice to meet you in the mirror. I like your bathroom. Remembers me of one i had once. My best wishes to cuprudo, the foto is pretty nice, specially the atmosphere. What is that strange thing on the shelf on the left side just close to the carpet knife?
  2. cuprudo
    hello swan,unfortunately cuprudo has some problems with his internet providers but that won't stop him from adding new photos soon(next week).i must thank u for the rating,since he's a little "unavaible" right now.
    first of all,that's not really my bathroom,it's actually a hotel room and secondly,the thing on the shelf is one of my numerous bracelet-like things(you've already noticed the one i had on my wrist in the double-exposure photo)ok.bye
  3. Unregistered
    Could be a much better image, but the poor print/scan detracts from it so badly I can't tell.

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