200mm kodak profoto f/4
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200mm kodak profoto f/4
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  2. Unregistered
    I have to disagree with Swann.

    This image is badly exposed and flat in the print. Was a Leica used?
  3. Unregistered
    fotografz, badly exposed or badly printed? the composition seems correct for the shot. a little dodging could fix the "exposure" issue.
  4. Swann
    fotografz, in a traditional and craftmanship way your opinion is to be understood. But I think this photographer has left that sort of tradition behind. I like it.
  5. rodrigo
    Tradition is what an artist knows and trys to forget. Fotografz: who cares if its a Leica or not? This guy is not a camera user, he is a photographer.
  6. cuprudo
    the rating is not for me, it is for you
    thank you!

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