IIIf, 50mm, FK Tech @ 100 asa
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IIIf, 50mm, FK Tech @ 100 asa
  1. Swann
    Irreproachable parallelity. The can in the window is very humourous and the shadows perform great, specially the leavy stuff on the right side. If now the lines of the wall in the foreground and the door limit would go - yes parallel... Great shot.
  2. Stijn De Blieck
    Stijn De Blieck
    Very nice, with the different incursions of the leaves and the foreground wall adding tension to the image with their diagonals.
  3. yooloo
    thanks, guys!
    i had posted these two just to get some "traffic" going...
    mbru2, swann, thanks for mentioning the jug. it was ment to be the center of attention, everything else being just a big, unballanced frame for it, but was not sure if others would see it that way...

  4. johne
    How can one delete photos on this site. I thought I deleted all of mine. Tried to upload one and was told I had no space but to delete. Is there some secret handsign or code to the process? Just curious. Johne

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