100 kodak film<br />
135mm Pentax lens<br />
1/2 sec <br />
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1981 1952 1773 1833 1653 1624 2014 2614 1865 2615 1866 1956 1986 2976 2616 2826
100 kodak film
135mm Pentax lens
1/2 sec
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  2. cuprudo
    could you please motivate your rating with an explicit comment?thank you.
  3. Swann
    Cut it short: The photograph looks like if the model would suffer of a severe orthopedic shoulder disease.
  4. cuprudo
    no comment to that
  5. rodrigo
    ... what a funny dialogue above... anyway, almost a great photo for me. However, yhe copy is a little fair, which is a pity...
  6. rodrigo

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