M2, Summaron 35mm @ 1/30 f5.6 Ilford XP2
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M2, Summaron 35mm @ 1/30 f5.6 Ilford XP2
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  2. yooloo
    thanks for your kind comment...
  3. Swann
    A nice architectural shot. Parallelity is not all perfect as one can see.
  4. yooloo
    yeah, parallelity... thanks, wasn't thinking about that when i shot it, and too lazy to fix it in PS later. i don't really like fixing things, anyway...
  5. Swann
    Parallelity, oh yes. You see I have been working as an architectural photographer quite a time. Therefore I am well trained on seeking unparallelity. Anyway, I'd be happy to make that great architecture shots.
  6. yooloo
    to tell the truth - i had a professor at the film school who for five years could not stop talking about parallelity, no matter how good (or bad, for that matter) our photographs were.
    "Ha! See, the end of the world is near! Everything is falling down, the horizont is tilting, seas will spill..."
    so, enjoying the fact that i don't have to submit my work to him anymore, and careless as i am i thought that this extravaganza will pass unnoticed...
    thanks for seeking unparallelity, i feel 15 ye

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