IIIf, Elmar 9cm @ 1/500 f6.3 Kodak Portra BW at 320'
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IIIf, Elmar 9cm @ 1/500 f6.3 Kodak Portra BW at 320'
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  2. johne
    Would that more comments be on this level! To express aestetic and artistic concepts in a second language with such skill and grace is much to be desired. My compliments. Johne
  3. yooloo
    thanks, johne, although it's not easy (for me, swann's much better in expressing his views in english). another reassuring comment, much appreciated!
  4. Swann
    Thank you Johne. I too, would love to see more threads of that interest here. I think a very good photo like the above deserves a comment of the same quality. (Wish I could better as I can). BTW have you seen the light on the leaves? Wonderful, I love the photo more and more every time I look at it.
  5. ubermensch
    Damn...you're good....

    I recall a quote, by Manet I believe...upon viewing a Velasquez...

    "Some painters want to paint, and some painters want to make you give it up."

    However, I must say, it is quite different with photography...I do not ecome discouraged with such wonerful photos, but encouraged...

    Thank you for taking time yo post your shots.

    Kind regards.
  6. yooloo
    if i was to agree with Manet, i would of given up looong time ago...
    thank you for your kind comment!

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