m6, 35mm Kodak HD 1/4, f4
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m6, 35mm Kodak HD 1/4, f4
In the album Digital Art
  1. Swann
    This is the most pleasurable alphabet I can imagine. My compliments for the idea and a 4 for execution. The chosen letter and the composition go together perfectly here. I hope the series will be continued.
  2. Stijn De Blieck
    Stijn De Blieck
    Challenge yourself and try the "@" next time! :)
  3. yooloo
    many thanks for your time.
    i wish i could say i am doing the alphabet on purpose, and that i can promise an M or Q by tuesday...
    i surely will try to make @, F is a huge challenge, too, R would be (oh, B?) as difficult as K...
    thanks for your support,

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