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  2. cuprudo
    thanks for the comment
    please try to comment uppon my other photos too
    thank you again for taking the time to view my photo and comment
  3. Swann
    If I remember correctly you yourself explained a while ago that you would no longer comment or rate my photos for there had been a change in your life, a new wave or fresh age to arise. Yes, fresh was the word. Well, it's always a give and take in life isn't it?
  4. cuprudo
    i was stunned when i read your comment.
    you totally missunderstood me.
    i meant that i was going to try something new, fresh in my photos.
    i always apreciated your comments as being very objective and your work as very special, and I still do
  5. Swann
    Misunderstandings are a strange thing, so lets take out the good of it, the knowledge that this forum works on mutuality strongly and whoever posts should also comment and share his opinion.
    BTW is that an aquarium in the background?
  6. cuprudo
    i agree
    no, that is not an aquarium
    it's a TV set

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