for those who still care - IIIf, Elmar 50, Agfa 100
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for those who still care - IIIf, Elmar 50, Agfa 100
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  2. Zeus
    Actually, almost outstanding. If only the waves hads not been over exposed which makes them look washed out. But otherwise a really nice shot! Thanx for sharing Yooloo ;)
  3. yooloo
    thanks swann.
    zeus, not only the waves are washed out, have you noticed that mauve cast in the lower left and upper right corner? that's uncoated, scratched, 60 years old elmar... but that's why i still love it - never know what will come out.
    thanks for your time, and for your (too) high ratings
  4. Swann
    believe me, it is difficult to rate a 5 star image with something else than 5 stars. :)
  5. mbru65
    Yooloo-sorry for the delay, relatives in town and too much partying. Magnificent shot in every way, I agree with Swann. 'nuf said-mbru65.
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