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  1. Swann
    Would be something of a nice portrait specially because of the double shadows if there was not that ugly thing in the right corner. What is it anyway, something electrical?
  2. rodrigo
    One of the best portraits you've submited here Cuprudo. @swann: firstly I thought that it was sad to have this "uggly thing" in the right corner... but why might he take a perfectly simmetrical composition? in matter of fact, without this kind of unexpected details, we would have just another portrait.
  3. cuprudo
    i wanted that "ugly" thing to be in the picture
    it looks very graphical in real life (I am a Graphic Arts student)
    I'm sorry it didn't came out as good as i wanted in the photo
    i wanted to make good portrait and to catch her atitude( very concentrated - typical for an artist)
    thank you both for your comments
  4. rodrigo
    Cuprudo, I think you get the right result with the "ugly" think! without it, would be just another portrait...

    but what I most like in it is the "vintage" aspect of photo: the gorgeous grey, the smooth texture... which lens did you used, in which speed and f/?

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