Leica Minilux, Ilford XP2,<br />
f2.4, hand held.
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Leica Minilux, Ilford XP2,
f2.4, hand held.
In the album People Photography
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  2. mbru65
    Thanks Rodrigo for the comments and compliments. When I got it back from the lab, I looked at the little digital
    thumbnails and thought the same thing! I had forgotten taking the picture and didn't know what it was until I looked at the bigger image. I can't believe I was able to hold it that steady in such low light. A fluke I think!
  3. Swann
    I agree, it looks like an open book or notesheets. But besides that, it is a very good photograph.
  4. cybwanderer
    fuzzy and strange but this is part of the success.....
  5. mholdef
    Also nice

  6. Unregistered

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