200mm fuji 400
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200mm fuji 400
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  1. gogo
    cum ai reusit asta cu teleu e beyond my comprehension.bine compusa/ciopartita cu sadism artisitc.hihi
  2. rodrigo
    This is not a photo, is a watercolor! this is Turner! I could see the drops of dark prussian blue with black ink (clouds) mixing with this most beautiful turquoise sky. The salmon is the naked paper and the crow, just pure black. I give you 6/5 just for look at sky and give us this moment to us and 4/5 for the result (i would like to see some more field in the top of the photo, with more dark sky). the media = 5/5 (y)
  3. Unregistered
    I would not whant to spoil the pleasure of cuprudo having 6 out of 5 stars but I don not totally agree with rodrigo on this picture - it looks more like a bad scan then a Turner - besides that, Turner would not have placed the crow right in the midle infront of a dark cloud and I think he would have left out the electrical wires in the left corner - well besides that I actually like the picture to
  4. rodrigo
    Ruben: (y) i agree with you concearning the Turner taste for electrical wires... but i just try to forgott the electrical wire (only very thin black line) and the bad scan. Cuprudo please: go back to the same place, cut off the wire, call for crow and take the very same photo with more dark sky. And please, I'll give you a better scan... when is your birthday?
    Ruben again: if the wire disturbs you:
    The artist delights to go back to the first chaos of the world... All is without forms and void.

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