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200mm fuji 100
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  2. Swann
    I agree with JohnE, although I don't understand the expression 'shooting up' (maybe something with drugs?). The picture particularly pleases me for the presentation of her eye and the delicate shade of the lashes. Also the skin is very lively, even a tiny make up would have destroyed everything.
  3. johne
    The term does mean using drugs taken into the vein. It appears [to me at least] that she is applying a tourniquet. I hope that I am wrong. It would be a shame if such beauty were endangered for casual pleasure.
  4. Swann
    I wonder what she is fiddling too but I am quite sure that she doesn't use drugs. At least not the hard stuff. Junkees look different and they applicate injections with a different technique without tourniquet as far as I know.
  5. johne
    I agree with Swann; however, my concern was what is the limit of the right of a photographer in a public place? Leica users long have identified with the capture of the unposed moment. Are there ethical limits? Just curious. Johne
  6. Swann
    This is a very interesting and most important question, that I discussed here with Fotografz a while ago. I personally try to avoid photographing people that do not agree or are not aware of it. It is a question of individual respect and - law. In the 20's of the last Century when the Leica was invented cameras were so bulky and the Leica was so tiny that people couldn't hardly believe it was a serious camera, that's how that unlucky mythos of 'unattended photography' arised. In the actual case

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