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  1. rodrigo
    Cuprudo: well composed as usually. Could I suggest that if you'd had underexposed (less light) the result would be (perhaps) better?(i'm fan of low-light)
  2. Swann
    Yes you are right rodrigo the photograph would show better if it was darker. I think the face would gain plasticity that way. On the other hand the light comes from a window opposite her, (I suppose) and that gives that flat lighting.
    I like the two ladies in the background, maybe relatives and the young woman has a little of a frozen expression. Maybe because of them. Well composed yes though I would have cropped more of her chin.
  3. rodrigo
    What I most like - followed by composition - is her "frozen expression". Great. Do you have a amazing model Cuprudo! Have I told you that Man Ray would appreciate take some photos of her? ;)
  4. Unregistered

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