Leica M7 Elmarit 21asph, Kodak portra 400 UC
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Leica M7 Elmarit 21asph, Kodak portra 400 UC
  1. Dorian
    I like this one, great colours. The view angle is a bit undecided I think: not quite frontal.
  2. Swann
    @copiapoa and Dorian
    My favourite theme: Parallelism, it gets more and more complicated the wider the angle gets. I think with a 21 you need a spirit level to adjust.
    Extreme lens performance of the Elmarit asph. here.
    Not so convinced of the picture itself.
  3. copiapoa
    @Dorian and Swann. Yes not parallelism or correct view angle. It was the first roll of my 21, without viewfinder (I got later). Posted only for colors. Thanks
  4. ubermensch1
    Awesome textures and colors.

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