IIIf, 28
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IIIf, 28
  1. Swann
    What can I say, wish I could make such photographs.
  2. Unregistered
    another nice shot
  3. mbru65
    Wow! Worthy of Koudelka! 4 out of 5, so as not to give you a big head!!
  4. Swann
    Yes it evokes this special Koudelka impression. Although it is very well standing for itself. To me it gives the same expression as with the Russian novelist Gogols tales. It is indeed a very good photograph and I wonder what influence the IIIf had in handling and quality.
  5. yooloo
    thanks, guys
    IIIf has a lot to do with it... being a traditionalist (at least at these things), i like the "elmar look". 'crons are just a bit too sharp for me.
    thanks again for your kind words

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