Leica III F, 50 MM Summitar, Handheld
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Leica III F, 50 MM Summitar, Handheld
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  2. johne
    @Swann The Summitar was a surprise. When I bought the IIIF it did not have a lens. I asked if the seller had a body cap to keep dirt out. He said "No, but I'll give you an old lens." Johne
  3. yooloo
    great joy to see other people using old lenses, too! i thought something was wrong with me, not giving up on my ('48) 50 and ('37) 90 elmars... got more shot with summitar?
  4. Swann
    I too would love to see more of your Summitar shots JohnE. These old lenses are jewels - simply magic.
  5. johne
    I am amazed! I looked at this lens again and still think it is a dog! It has enough internal fog to qualify for old London on a bad nighteven without the many cleaning marks Strange. Johne
  6. yooloo
    johne, my elmar looks like it has been cleaned with g500 sandpaper, has someones fingerprint on one of the internal elements, and enough oil on aperture blades to fry an egg! don't give up on it! CLA would bring some sparkness to the pix, and that's why i am not cleaning mine... matter of taste , habit and met expectations, i guess

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