Leica M7 21 elmarit Fuji acros
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Leica M7 21 elmarit Fuji acros
  1. Dorian
    Technically good, but to my feeling, something is lacking here.
    Maybe a less central position of the pillars could have created more tension in the image, or less space over the top, or some (living) detail, or... something, I don't know what.
    Just my personal feeling.
  2. Swann
    A 21 lens is extremely difficult to handle. I like the light grey tones of this picture. I can imagine that with these three pillars some nice geometrical piece could have been done.
  3. copiapoa
    I agree with swann. I'll try to do something better next days:I hope with
    some clouds.
  4. copiapoa
    Dorian is right too:perhaps a lack of contrast in the sky (but weather is weather)?
  5. Swann
    Yes weather is weather. Tones are a question of taste too, I like the delicat differenced very light greytones of this photograph. Too I like the sky how it is. It gives the impression of an overcast day - my favourite weather. Go on!

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