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'flex, 28
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  1. Swann
    Somehow I don't get happy with this one. Although it is a perfect photograph. Hard to say why, too much social criticism maybe. But that is my problem.
  2. ubermensch
    Excuse me if my online etiquette is not correct by posting here.

    However, quickly, although new to the study of photography and an old hand as a painter who always loathed photography as mere copying of creation and not creation itself.....

    I must say that I have learned a great deal the past weeks....

    Photographs such as these are incredibly expressive and I am amazed of what an elitest I was...

    Your photographs are again very moving.

    And I see what experience is here, as the pos
  3. skimmy
    The minute I saw it I was drawn to it. The catchlight in the child's eyes, the angle of view, the exposure and the composition all come together to make a truly excellent image.
  4. yooloo
    thanks for your comment, although i think your rating is too high.
    somehow it came out a bit too dark for my taste when posted...

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