M6 35mm
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M6 35mm
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  2. mholdef
    Very nice picture. For some reason though I want it to be in black and white!


  3. mholdef
    P.S. For some reason, the title of the picture is indeed quite provocative as Kentucky and Connecticut Boys have pointed out.

    I personally was expecting a group of extremely desirable women on for example the Copacabana beach in Brazil...

  4. johne
    @mbru65: Remember! In Kentucky the water is never less than 65 proof.
  5. mbru65
    I'm moving to kentucky--mbru65
  6. ubermensch
    I do not know who has more talent, the photographer or the model holding for 15+seconds in that position on a windy beach!

    Wonderful...wonderful water effect... Is she pregnant ans this why iy is entitled "women"..doesnt really matter..thought I would ask...hope I did not offend if she is not!

    However, unfortunately the question is not only an aesthetic one but too a social and economic one.

    Unfortunately, The woman is clearly being exploited or thinking aboput being exploited, or the

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