M6 TTL, 35mm ASPH
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M6 TTL, 35mm ASPH
In the album City, Still life & Abstract
Using Nikon
  1. rodrigo
    I no words and a lot of feeling seeing your image...
  2. ubermensch
    Pardon me, I was mistaken...

    I believe this is the perfect landscape image..

    It is not easy to harmonize colour or give the semse of space as you give with landscapes.

    Very well done. One of the finest landscape shots I have seen.

    You guys (gals) make it look too easy...

    Kind regards.
  3. yooloo
    what's the dark stuff at the corners? filter?
  4. reagan
    thank you for your comments. yooloo, yes, I had a problem with this as I was using a CP for another camera and holding it over the lens. Made a few mistakes with it but have purchased a B&W now.

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