Image from benefit concert at the annual School of Americas Protest and Vigil at Ft. Benning,...
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garth liebhaber
Image from benefit concert at the annual School of Americas Protest and Vigil at Ft. Benning, Georgia.

I don't use flash much, so when I do I seem good at breaking the rules and having fun. : )
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  2. mholdef
    Nice picture

  3. garth liebhaber
    garth liebhaber

    I used the flash with one second of exposure 400 speed, about f11 at maybe 15 feet. i usually shoot very straight, but for some reason don't feel "gimicky" using the flash this way. also, thanks Mark
  4. cuprudo
    i opened this photo mainly ou of curiosity because in the thumbnail it looked like thick smoke or like a spider web and the title didn't fit with the image that I had in mind
    shocked was I when I saw it. a lot of beautiful young people dancing :eek:
    it's a great photo
    it defines the word "dynamic"
    it's like a gost party :)
    i like the fact that you can read "peace" on the young girls t-shirt
  5. Stijn De Blieck
    Stijn De Blieck
    Personally, I would have darkened the white parts in the foreground caused by the flash a bit, but I do like the photo very much.
  6. garth liebhaber
    garth liebhaber

    my first inclination was to darken the blown out parts in the foreground as well. what i found though was that i lost the dynamic depth of the composition and it didn't seem to work as well. i did bring them down a notch none the less. maybe i'll play with it some more though. ciao!, garth

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