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  1. Swann
    Mountains are so very difficult to photograph. For my taste the colors are on the sweet candy side.
  2. yooloo
    have to say i like the geometry of it. the orange has a bit too much green in it... i don't know how do you feel about color intervention in PS, but i would try to get more "gold" into the mountain.
    great series altogether, would love to see more!
  3. rodrigo
    exactly the candy-like colors is what I most like in it... the geometry is also good.
  4. reagan
    All comments hit the point. The first time I have really opened up my work to a large selection of critical people (critical in for the good and the bad) and appreciate all. I tend not to use Photoshop a great deal. I scan with a Nikon 4000 ED and its there I remember having a little problem with the quanitity of green.
  5. luisrq

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