800 film<br />
135 pentax lens<br />
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800 film
135 pentax lens
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  1. Swann
    This is a fine light on her face. I like the shade of the ear in the halfshade.
    I would have rather had a look to the neckline instead of the zipper. That amorphe black and bright thing in the backround irritates the impression of calm and contemplation.
  2. Swann
    I would appreciate if you could upload higher resolution pictures. Would allow us to switch to the larger image and see more details.
  3. cuprudo
    ok, I will try to "raise" the resolution
    you are right about the neckline, but she was working and i didn't want to disturb her, so I took a lower point of view and tried to make a nice portrait
  4. Swann
    Yes, I do know well these problems in candid work.

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